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Eligibility/Academic Skills

To be eligible for the IDOH+ programme you must comply with the eligibility criteria

  1. You must have been awarded a first cycle degree (bachelor degree) from an accredited university. The degree must have involved a minimum of three years full time study and correspond to a minimum of 180 ECTS.
  2. Your degree must have been awarded with at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division; 2-1; 2A) or equivalent.
  3. Your area of study should have been in one of the following areas: biological sciences (if possible with a major in immunology, infectious diseases or microbiology); veterinary, medical or pharmaceutical sciences.
  4. You must demonstrate your proficiency in English. For information on accepted proof of English competence, see English Language Requirements

There is more information about entry requirements for international students from different countries on the University of Edinburgh website:

The grades listed in the website should be treated as a general guide. Each application is considered individually and you are advised to contact the IDOH+ coordinators for further information on admissions

Current Students

The first students commenced this programme in September 2017. The current students (last intake of the first round) will finish the programme in September 2021. 

Past Students

Since this is a new programme we do not currently have any past students. 

The Erasmus Mundus Association is an active group for present and past students which will be available to IDOH students after enrolment.

There is an alumnus association for IDOH EMJMD students on LinkedIn: