We inform that there will be no intake 2024-2026 to start in September 2024 and by consequence, no student new recruitment for this year in December 2023.

The IDOH consortium informs that there will be no intake 2024-2026. Thus, no students will start in September 2024. Consequently, there will be no student recruitment in December 2023. 

Our consortium of participating institutions are currently applying to the European Agency commission to extend the IDOH Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree into the third application period.

In the case we get awarded of this new agreement from EACEA again, next recruitment of students would be organized in December 2024 only, for a 3rd run of 4 new intakes which first one would start in September 2025 (2025-2027 intake).


If you are still interested in applying in December 2024, check out no earlier than August 2024 for upcoming information. All relevant information will be announced here.


Meanwhile, we invite you using this given time for carefully browsing all information tabs and sections, checking on application English and Academic requirements and guideline to prepare and check your eligibility.

Application procedure should remain unchanged.

As a reminder, all Erasmus Mundus scholarships applicants are granted a fair assessment of their quality (excellence basis).

Competition in this context is high due to the huge number of applicants. The first selection is based on the compliance of documents you are providing. After this eligibility assessment, your application may proceed to the second step. For this reason, take time to prepare your documents before you decide to apply.