Course Structure

IDOH (Infectious Diseases and One Health) is a partnership of some of Europe's leading research-intensive universities in the field of infectious diseases and the "one health" concept. The three founding partners are Université de Tours, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Hannover Medical School.

The IDOH consortium is aiming to offer innovative master’s degree in infectious diseases emphasising the three aspects of the one health concept: humans, animals and the environment. The IDOH MSc programme involves mobility of students among the partners and associate partners. There will be a maximum of 24 students in each intake, ensuring that all students receive the highest level of teaching and interactions with staff at all three institutions.

All the courses in the IDOH programme are compulsory. A list of all the courses you will study is given below.
4th Semester Internship worldwide
Infectious Diseases and One Health Internships are available at three academic partners or any of 35 associated partners (academic and industrial) located worldwide.